RSAlexander, APLC
a Los Angeles Business Law Firm.


Laws and rules continually change. By keeping abreast of the changes applicable to businesses, we make sure that advice is timely, correct and that we obtain the best solution for the client.


Identifying and addressing issues requires the diligence to mind the finer details. The mechanics of a growing business have many moving parts that are constantly changing and require proper planning and a goal-oriented approach to legal issues and a careful execution.


Tolerance and assumption of risk requires a thorough understanding of the opportunities, their consequences, as well as a dedication to the business and its aims.

Emerging and Startup Companies

Ryan S. Alexander, the principal of RSAlexander, is a business lawyer, startup lawyer in Los Angeles, California.  As former corporate counsel for a large company, legal counsel to a private equity fund, and partner of a venture studio, Ryan brings considerable experience and capabilities to entrepreneurs and emerging and startup companies as well as a great network of industry contacts.  If you’re an entrepreneur or creating a startup company and in need of a startup lawyer in Los Angeles, contact Ryan S. Alexander.

Established Companies

Ryan has considerable experience as a business attorney.  Ryan has handled a wide variety of issues impacting all sizes of companies, from early-stage companies to publicly-traded companies, including matters of corporate, commercial, securities and M&A, and counseling on almost all aspects affecting a company strategic objectives.  Contact Ryan if you need a business attorney in Los Angeles.

Oil and Gas Law

Ryan has also served clients as an oil and gas lawyer in California and Texas.  Ryan has addressed a number of issues for interest holders, land owners, operating companies and equipment companies.  Contact Ryan if you’re searching for an oil and gas lawyer.

Creative Solutions

Time reveals the need to consistently change the way law firms are run. Utilizing flexibility within the permissiveness of the law and implementing all available tools and resources refines the effectiveness of the practice of law resulting in more efficient legal representation for clients.

Keeping Pace

Keeping abreast with policy and enforcement trends preserves progress without unintended consequences. Whether these changes are beneficial, awareness of change is key to developing options and opportunities.

Planning and Execution

Decisions have consequences resulting from contemplation. Defining the right plan followed by its prompt execution provides business with the best chance for success.

Righteous Habits

Business is chance, but not for all roles and not all circumstances. Entertaining each opportunity with a different viewpoint allows for better understanding of the risks and mitigation of the consequences.